Sword & Shield—Vivid Voltage Theme Decks

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Charizard Theme Deck


With a fiery inferno and unyielding claws, the magnificent Charizard sweeps aside opposition and takes the high ground! Champion Leon calls in strong allies—Yanmega darting in for quick attacks, and Magcargo to keep the fires burning. Seize the win from the air or burn a path to victory with the Charizard theme deck!


Drednaw Theme Deck


Solid as a rock and relentless as a flood—Drednaw has a powerful bite, an armored shell, and a slew of worthy friends like Samurott and Barraskewda! Professor’s Research keeps your hand full of options, and Evolution Incense lets you power up your Bench. With Nessa in charge, you can keep the Drednaw theme deck rolling like the tides!