Magic The Gathering: Innistrad Crimson Vow Commander Deck

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Release Date 11/19/2021

Choose Your Commander


Offer Strefan your blood and he will call upon his vampiric cohorts to solve all your problems—provided that your problems are that your opponents are still alive.


Summon Millicent and her battalion of flying spirits to escort your opponents to the afterlife. Even if your ghosts get exorcised, new ones will materialize to take their place.

Choose Your Strategy


Whether sipped from goblets or spilled from unlucky throats, blood grants power.

Sacrifice Blood tokens to sift through your library to find horrifically monstrous Vampires, and Strefan's ability will invite them to feast early. As your foes fall faint from blood loss, you need only finish your meal.

SPIRIT SQUADRON—The More the Scarier

Flood the skies with the souls of the vengeful dead!

With Millicent leading the charge, whenever your Spirits deal combat damage to your opponents or fall in battle, they’ll create 1/1 Spirit creature tokens. The more Spirits you control, the easier it will be for Millicent to rise and fight again.

Introducing 30 Commander Cards

Full of indulgent Vampires and restless Spirits—the Innistrad: Crimson Vow Commander decks each introduce fifteen gothic horror-themed cards not found in the main set.

Cards Dripping with Vampiric Decadence

Attend an indulgent vampire wedding. Party with a guestlist full of merciless troublemakers. And gain power from Crimson Vow’s Blood mechanic, with flavorful cards from Vampiric Bloodline.

Haunting Cards Full of Spirit Synergy

Or join the ranks of tricksy geists in Spirit Squadron—summoning Spirits on your opponents’ turn, preventing damage, and mustering a ghostly army that only grows faster as your enemies try to exorcise them.