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Rip n Ship Arena

May 4th 2024 - Magic The Gathering - CEDH 1K

May 4th 2024 - Magic The Gathering - CEDH 1K

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cEDH Tournament - 1K!

May 4th, 2024

We will be open for check-ins starting at 9:00am

Submit your Moxfield Decklist to !

Player Meeting at 10:30am for announcements.

Round 1 will begin promptly @ 11AM

CEDH Swiss
• Competitive REL
• Deck Checks between Each Round
• Entry Fee: $45.00
• Proxy Limit: FULL PROXY

Register On our website and save $5.00!

• 32 Player minimum
• Tournament Structure: Swiss rounds based on attendance + Cut to Top 16 + Final Pod
• Door Prizes after round 2
• Prize Structure:
• Based on 32 players (prize to increase based on attendance)
- 1st Place: $300.00 Store Credit
- 2nd - 4th Place: $125.00 Store Credit
- 5th-16th Place: $50.00 Store Credit

This event will be proxy friendly.

You will need to use "test cards" that are in color and utilize recognizable art or MDFC placeholder cards that are clearly written on. MDFC cards will require full text, mana cost, card type(s) and name.

If you choose to use MDFCs, you are limited to only 10 MDFC proxies. Additionally, you will need a print out of the cards to reference on the side.

You will not be allowed to slip printed pieces of paper in front of a magic card.

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