Magic the Gathering cEDH Event Registration- October 17th 2021

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This registration is for the cEDH Event on October 17th, 2021.

The event is cEDH Tournament, following the rules and banlist of the Commander format for deckbuilding purposes. Play will begin promptly at 3pm, with rounds of swiss leading into a final pod based on attendance. 20 players are needed to attend the event for the event to begin. 1st place will receive a Revised "Scrubland" Card. Other participants in the final pod will receive Set Booster packs of "Modern Horizons 2" or a store credit prize. Additional prizes based on attendance and announced before the beginning of the first round. By registering for this event, you agree to:

1. Submit a decklist to the website, and forward your decklist to either the Rip N Ship facebook pages or by e-mail to Your deck may include up to 5 Proxy Cards. Proxy Cards must be basic lands or modal cards with the card-name clearly written on the card. Other physical proxies will be allowed at discretion of the judge. Copies of the card printed and inserted, loose or glued to a physical card, into the sleeve will not be permitted. 

2. Arrive at the venue no later than 2pm on the day of the event to check-in. Failure to arrive by 2pm will result in losing your reserved registration and if you fail to arrive or fail to arrive before all available seats are filled, you will receive store credit for your reservation.

3. Register for the event on the Wizards of the Coast Magic Companion App or Eventlink event manager. The code for this event will be RG27P8 and registration will be required.  This is for record keeping and attendance purposes and the Companion App will not be used to conduct the tournament. 

4. Conduct themselves in a respectful, fair, and positive manner. This will be a Comp REL tournament and players are expected to conduct themselves accordingly, in addition to conducting themselves to abide by Rip N Ship Gaming's posted Code of Conduct.