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Gamegenic The Academic 266+ XL Tolarian Edition - Black/Purple

Gamegenic The Academic 266+ XL Tolarian Edition - Black/Purple

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The Academic 266+ XL is a multifunctional premium deck box in a unique design. It can hold 266+ double-sleeved cards in extra Thick Inner Sleeves plus accessories. With its most innovative details, this premium deck box is all you need or a great card game night. It is very versatile and perfectly suited for a vast variety of games, players, and needs.

The long-awaited retail version of the Academic 266+ XL comes with all the amazing features of the Kickstarter original: two premium acrylic compartment dividers, two removable hidden drawers with ingenious magnetic flaps, as well as two extra slots for even more gaming accessories.

Additionally, it is equipped with our highly-rated CONVERTIBLE system. The removable cover clips to the bottom, saving precious space on the table. Moreover, the powerful magnets and the innovative closing mechanism keep the Academic 266+ XL safely closed.

MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY: The Academic 266+ XL can store cards, other deck boxes, tokens, dice, Slide Card Cases, Toploaders, sleeved oversized cards, boosters, Life Counters, or Cube Pockets 15+.

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