Flesh and Blood Skirmish Season 5!! August 20th 10am Start!

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Flesh and Blood Skirmish Season 5!!

Blitz Format!

August 20th 10am Start!

$20 Buy In


4x Dromai young Cold Foil and 4x Fai young Cold Foil - The eight Cold Foil Young heroes will be given to the top eight players randomly after the Swiss rounds of the event.
32x Silver Cold Foil Will be given out to the first 32 players to sign up!
1x Phoenix Flame playmat and 1x Aether Ashwing playmat.  - The two playmats are for 1st and 2nd.
- 1st gets first pick of the playmat
4x Packs Per Entry into the Prize Pool!! - Packs will be awarded to top 8 based on attendance
Every Round Giveaway - Random Foil, Cold Foil, and Playmats Giveaways