About Us

Our Mission.

Welcome to Rip N Ship Arena! We are here to serve the community by providing all your Pokemon TCG needs! Tournaments for both Pokemon, Magic and much more!

Rip N Ship Gaming Open!!

Our store Rip N Ship Gaming is now open! Hours Below!
Our Hours:
Sunday 2pm-10pm
Monday 4pm-10pm
Tuesday 4pm-10pm
Wednesday 4pm-11pm
Thursday 4pm - 12am
Friday 4pm-12am
Saturday 12pm-8pm

Address: 729 Acorn Street Deer Park, NY 11729

Rip N Ship Live Events!

Come visit us live on our Facebook page! We do live ripnships at The Rip N Ship Gaming Store where you can purchase, watch, and have your hits sent to you! Enjoy the interaction with our community in chat and our amazing streamers!

Order Cancellation Policy

You may cancel an order until the earlier of (1) your order has shipped, or (2) 24 hours has passed since your order was placed. Note that you will be charged the credit card transaction fee for any order cancelled at any time. Transaction fee is 2.6% + .30 of the entire order total. If either of the foregoing has occurred, no cancellation will be accepted. Note all pre-order's are subject to a cancellation fee at anytime. Cancellation fee will be 10% of the total order.

Refund and Return Policy

Unless an order is cancelled within the specified time frame you are not entitled to a refund. We do not accept returns on any product. No returns will be accepted and no refunds will be granted. A refund will be applied if an order cannot otherwise be fulfilled, in which case you will be notified.

Pre Order Policy

Pre orders are paid for at the time the order is placed. We will ship orders once they arrive. Please check product release dates for more information. Due to the high demand for these products, the manufacturer or distributor may apply delays to shipping. We will NOT cancel your order. If there is a delay, we will simply inform you via email and once your order has shipped we will update you again. The only way we will cancel an order on our customer's pre orders, is if the manufacturer has stated that they will no longer make runs of the product and we will no longer be receiving shipments. That being said, we will work to get your order out as fast as possible. Please note that orders with both pre-order and in stock items will all ship together once the pre-ordered items are received. Note all pre-order's are subject to a cancellation fee at anytime. Cancellation fee will be 10% of the total order.


Our online inventory may fluctuate due to website traffic and retail location activity. Items added to your cart and placed in your orders are not considered fulfilled until shipped. We reserve the right to cancel an order at any time, for any reason. We will contact you when or if this occurs.