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July 13th 2024 - Dungeons & Dragons: Quests From The Infinite Staircase Showcase Event

July 13th 2024 - Dungeons & Dragons: Quests From The Infinite Staircase Showcase Event

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"Quests From The Infinite Staircase" is releasing on July 9th 2024 for Gamestores and RipNShip Gaming is showcasing the campaigns early as well!

Join us on Saturday, July 13th 2024 for a special One-Shot Day, showcasing the campaigns in "Quests From The Infinite Staircase"!

Entry to this event is $10.00, and will include our usual $2.00 Store Credit to use on Snacks, Drinks, or other product. There will be giveaways/prizes this evening as well!

Meetup as early as 4PM to Join the Party, Discuss your characters and backgrounds, and receive any in-game items for your character at the Dungeon Masters' discretion.

We'll have 4 Dungeon Masters ready to take you on one of these adventures:

DM David - "The Lost City" - Bring a Level 3 Character

DM Darcy - "When a Star Falls" - Bring a Level 4 Character

DM Kevin - "Pharoah" - Bring a Level 6 Character

DM Pete - "Expedition to Barrier Peaks" - Bring a Level 10 Character

Your character can be created using any official source material for Dungeons & Dragons found in the various sourcebooks and adventure books. Please do not use any homebrew, unearthed arcana, or other unofficial sources when creating your character. Use of DNDBeyond is recommended!

Each listed campaign will have 6 reservations to play, with possible walk-in space. If you want to join a specific adventure, pre-register!*

*If all campaigns are full and we still have players interested, Joe will run "The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth" for Level 8 Players. 

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